August 25, 2023
JIDE announces a new 3.7.14 release


May 30, 2012
JIDE announces migration JCL to github

We migrated the open source JIDE Common Layer from to github. The maven repository was discontinued since stopped their maven service. We finally managed to resume it this time as well through sonatype. Now you can find all the past releases of JIDE Common Layer from maven with GroupID com.jidesoft and ArtifactID jide-oss.


November 22, 2011
Introducing BreadcrumbBar, ExpandedTip and Navigation Components

We just had our 3.3.0 release. In this release, we introduced several new components, such as BreadcrumbBar, ExpandedTip and Navigation Components.All three components are part of JIDE Components product.There are also a couple of enhancements in JIDE Charts product.

August 12, 2011
JIDE announces the JIDE 3.2.0 release with tons of new features

JIDE 3.2.0 is released with tons of exciting new features, such as text wrapping and styles in the table header, diff for tables, hyperlink in cells as well as JDK7 support. Please click the here for more details and screenshots.




Welcome to JIDE Software's Website!

JIDE Software is a professional Java UI component provider using technologies such as Swing, JavaFX and Javascript/HTML5. JIDE Software's products focused on rich-client applications for software developers. Based on Java UI technology, JIDE Software's products allow for the maximum compatibility with industry standards and can run on any Java enabled platforms.

The current product line includes
JIDE Common Layer (an open source project on github)
JIDE Docking Framework JIDE Action Framework
JIDE Components JIDE Grids
JIDE Dialogs JIDE Shortcut Editor
JIDE Pivot Grid JIDE Data Grids
JIDE Code Editor JIDE Feed Reader
JIDE Dashboard JIDE Charts
JIDE Gantt Chart JIDE Diff
JIDE Desktop Application Framework
JIDE Icon Set (including Windows 7 or Vista/XP/Mac OSX styles)  (On Sale!)

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JIDE product screenshot
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Why choose JIDE?

Excellent return-on-investment:  The price of our component products is only a few days salary of your developer. If you want to write it yourself, think twice as it will take weeks or even months to do it. No doubt it will be the best decision that you can make for your company.
Complete solution: Instead of getting components from here and there with all sort of issues such as compatible, lack of support, you can get a complete solution from us to meet all your client-side development needs in one shot with one of the best support you will ever get.
Professionally designed: The best designed Swing components you can find in the market and deployed on thousands of live applications.
Industrial Standard: Pure Java/Swing implementation, no JNI, no native code. Runs on all Java-enabled operating systems.
Polished user interface: Fully leverage the latest user interface design concepts to give your application a WOW effect!
Timely support: Excellent products plus great technical support, this is something you can definitely trust.

JIDE Docking Framework is unquestionably one of the best conceived and best implemented Java class library products I have seen in years, and I am not exaggerating ... (read more)

Rick Ross
JavaLobby, Inc.

Simply put, we wouldn't consider another Swing project without using JIDE. Because JIDE is the best in class (high quality, well designed API that is easy to use and non intrusive) and provides fully featured frameworks and components so that we are able to focus on improving usability and adding new functionality in a record time. Extremely responsive support, openness to customer requests and great value complete an offering that no professional Swing project should pass on.

Olivier Modica
Intalio, Inc.

I really liked working with the components provided by JIDE. It has been very easy for everyone in the company to work with it. When we didn't get how to do some stuff, the support had just been great and seems like available 24/7. The result is better than everyone could have hoped for. The decision of using JIDE might be one of the best decisions we made for the new version of our product. Only three words to qualify JIDE products : efficient, easy and fast.
Cédric Arnoult
Prima Solutions


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