JIDE Components

Thousands and thousands of developers' valuable hours are wasted on building the same component which has been built elsewhere. Why don't you focus on the most value-added part of your application and let us build those commonly used components for you? That's exactly the purpose of JIDE Components. This single product contains several very useful products that are needed in almost all applications. It is also the incubator of most future components.


UI Components

  • DocumentPane - a drag-n-drop tabbed document interface, supporting split view, multiple view etc. An ideal replacement for JDesktopPane
  • StatusBar - fully customizable status bar that you can use to display message, status, progress, time and other information
  • OutlookTabbedPane/FloorTabbedPane - also known as the Outlook Shortcut Bar
  • CollapsiblePane and CollapsiblePanes - also known as Task Pane (as in Windows XP)
  • Alert
  • BalloonTip
  • ExpandedTip - show the content as tooltip when the component is very narrow
  • BreadcrumbBar - a navigation bar that is similar to the file explorer as on Windows 7
  • Navigation Components including NavigationTree, NavigationList and NavigationTable

Tabbed Document Interface


Collapsible Pane





Navigation Components