JIDE Pivot Grid

The JIDE Pivot Grid is a Java/Swing implementation of the famous PivotTable feature as you can find in Microsoft Office Excel as well as many other analytic and OLAP applications. A pivot table enables you to take what seems to be an indecipherable mass of facts and extract any trends and patterns buried in the data. You can organize and summarize your data, perform comparisons, and extract meaningful information that can be invaluable to you and your organization. It’s a very powerful tool and now you finally can use it in your Java application with several lines of code. JIDE Pivot Grid is built on top of the award winning JIDE Grids which provides a solid foundation for table related features in Java/Swing.


  • Support reading data from any TableModel that can be generated from any data sources such as database, XML, file, network stream, you name it.
  • Support drag-n-drop to rearrange pivot fields by end users.
  • Automatic calculate summary for your data. It supports SUM, MAX, MIN, MEAN, VAR, STDDEV, COUNT by defaults. You can also introduce your own summary using Java code.
  • Automatic calculate total and grand total for row fields and column fields.
  • Supports group values using ObjectGrouper. For example, you can group all sales data in the first three months of a year to Quarter 1 if you want to analyze sales data quarterly.
  • Supports customized cell styles and format for cells in data table, row header and column header table.
  • Filtering support
  • Sorting support
  • Supports calculated field, a new field which is calculated from another field or fields in the original data source. Supports a powerful expression to allow user to define a new field on fly.
  • Supports saving pivot layout to xml file and load it back.
  • AggregateTable is a special table that can aggregate/merge cells with the same values and add expand button to expand or collapse the rows.

Pivot Table

Drag-n-Drop Rearrange Fields

Customized Cell Styles

Collapse Row Header

Filter Values

Field Setting Dialog

Sort Field

Display Count as Summary

Grand Total