JIDE Docking Framework

The JIDE Docking Framework provides a very powerful yet easy-to-use dockable window solution as can be found in the Visual Studio .NET or Eclipse IDE. Dockable windows are proven to be the most effective solution to the problem of limited screen space and complex window layouts. Since its first release at the end of 2002, the JIDE Docking Framework has been chosen by hundreds of companies from all over the world. It is no doubt the best dockable window solution currently available on the market.

By taking advantage of the Swing pluggable look and feel technology, we have made several flavors of the JIDE Docking Framework. In the current release, we include look and feels which resemble applications such as Office 2003, Office 2007, Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse, and Mac OS X (Aqua). In the 1.8.0 release, we introduced a completely new style called Xerto. You can always find the style you like the most.


Dockable Window Features

  • Drag-n-drop support
  • Unlimited nested levels of dockable windows
  • Autohide windows
  • Sliding autohide windows
  • Floating dockable windows
  • Maximize dockable window
  • Notifying dockable window
  • Hide central workspace area
  • Support heavyweight components (such as Java3D, JOGL, JDIC, ActiveX components) in both dockable frame area or in workspace area

Look and Feel Style Features (Flash Demo Exploring JIDE Look And Feels)

  • Office 2007 style
  • Office 2003 style
  • Visual Studio .NET style
  • Eclipse style
  • Metal style
  • Aqua style
  • Xerto style

Persistence Layout Features

  • Load and save layout using javax pref package
  • Load and save layout using file
  • Load and save layout using InputStream
  • List available layouts
  • Instantly switch layout

Windows LookAndFeel
(VSNET style with gradient)

Windows LookAndFeel
(VSNET style)

Windows LookAndFeel
(Eclipse style)

Transparent Outline Mode

Xerto LookAndFeel

Windows LookAndFeel
(Office 2003 style, blue theme)

Windows LookAndFeel
(Office 2003 style, homestead theme)

Windows LookAndFeel
(Office 2003 style, metallic theme)

Windows LookAndFeel
(Office 2007 style)

Aqua LookAndFeel
(on Mac OS X)

Plastic3D LookAndFeel

Metal LookAndFeel

Drag a frame

Drag and dock a frame

Resize an auto-hide frame

Floating Frames

Context Menu

Maximize a dockable frame

Show Gripper

Hide TitleBar