JIDE Data Grids

The JIDE Data Grids is a product built on top of JIDE Grids to provide additional support for the database related feature. It adds paging and page navigation feature to any table model. It also provides table model support for the database with filtering and sorting as well the same support for Hibernate.


  • ResultSetTableModel to convert any ResultSet to TableModel interface
  • DatabaseTableModel to provide the filtering and sorting support using the database's SQL WHERE and ORDER BY statements
  • Provides all filtering support that the database support including equal, not equal, greater than, less than, greater or equal, less or equal, between, like, in to match with SQL WHERE statement  
  • Caching support in DatabaseTableModel so that it won't run out of memory for huge tables
  • Paging support for any TableModel using PageTableModel, AbstractPageTableModel and DefaultPageTableModel
  • PageNavigationBar simplifies the usage of PageTableModel and provides the user an easy-to-use interface to navigate through the pages
  • HibernateTableModel to convert the object list created using Hibernate to TableModel interface
  • DatabasePageTableModel and HibernatePageTableModel provide the paging support to DatabaseTableModel and HibernateTableModel respectively and still keep the filtering and sorting feature

(For JList and JTable)


HibernateTableModel with Paging Suport