JIDE Code Editor

JIDE Code Editor is a source code editor component. There are several open source code editor projects, but for a wide variety of reasons they often prove unsuitable to professional level development efforts. That's why we decided to make this flexible and powerful component. For most features you would expect from a code editor, you can find them in this product.

As a product in the special component category which usually depends on the general components, this product depends on JIDE Components, JIDE Grids, and JIDE Shortcut Editor.


  • Syntax coloring for 25 different languages
  • Support huge file by lazy loading. We will smartly manage the memory so that it will not run out of memory.
  • Virtual white space
  • Displays new line, space and tab using special graphics
  • Handles line break of different platforms
  • Handles tab either as white spaces or as tab.
  • Bracket matching
  • Code folding
  • Optional customizable margin components including pre-built line number margin and code folding margin
  • Optional customizable status bar including pre-build status bar items for caret position, caret overwrite/insert state etc.
  • Customizable span style and color
  • Customizable keystrokes for all commands
  • Multiple clipboard copy and paste
  • Drag-n-drop selection support. Rectangular selection
  • Find and Replace
  • Allows literal, regular expression as well as wildcard. (Ctrl-F and Ctrl-R)
  • Incremental search (F3)
  • Quick search (Alt-F3)
  • Customizable search all and replace all
  • Many commands to operator on the code editor (refer to Shortcut Editor Dialog to list of all commands)
  • Optional inspection area to show line markers for errors, warnings, todo’s etc.
  • Auto indent
  • Column Guides