JIDE Dashboard

The dashboard in a vehicle contains instruments and controls pertaining to operation of the vehicle. It is critical because it displays the important information in the real time and gives user the quick access to common tasks. JIDE Dashboard is as important except it is not for a vehicle but for a software application.

Imagining your application deals with real time data, there are tons of information you want to show to your users (such as a stock trading or a network device monitor application). There certainly isn’t enough space to show all of the information. It’s also hard to guess what users really want to see. So how about let user choose what to display? That's where you need JIDE Dashboard.

JIDE Dashboard provides a place holder to show all kinds of widgets so that user can perform common task and quickly access to important information. Instead of letting the developer design the layout and place the widgets, JIDE Dashboard allows your users to fully customize it. All you need to is to provide the widgets. Your end users will drag the widget from the widget palette and place them at the places they want.


  • Dashboard supports drag and drop to arrange the widgets.
  • Support built-in palette to list all available gadgets
  • Supports multiple dashboards in a tabbed pane
  • Built-in persistence of the layout of all dashboards and widget settings
  • Supports any component as the widget.