JIDE Shortcut Editor

JIDE Shortcut Editor is a special component that can be used to manage shortcut keys (accelerators) for your application. 


  • Support for multiple shortcut schemas: Users can define their own shortcut schemas and switch among those schemas.
  • Shortcut schema hierarchy: Users can define a new shortcut schema by extending another existing schema
  • Support for multi-keystroke keyboard shortcuts: For keyboard shortcuts, it can support up to three keystrokes.
  • Support for mouse shortcuts: Allows you to define a command which will be activated by a single click or double click with or without modifiers such as Ctrl, Alt, Shift or the Command and Option keys on Mac OS X.
  • Automatically resolve shortcut conflicts when a user tries to assign the same shortcut key to another command.
  • Quick filtering function: Allow users to find commands quickly.
  • Context support: Allow users to define different commands for the same shortcut under different contexts.
  • Listener/Event mechanism.
  • Save/load shortcut schemas to/from xml file.

Shortcut Editor

Rename shortcut schema

Copy shortcut schema


Show overridden commands only

Existing Shortcuts

Mouse Shortcut

Resolve assignment