JIDE Action Framework

Almost all applications need toolbars and a menu bar. These components are what the JIDE Action Framework is all about. It provides a much more sophisticated component called CommandBar, to replace both the JToolBar and the JMenuBar (the default Swing implementations). Most features available in Microsoft Office products relating to toolbars and menu bars, can be found in the JIDE Action Framework.

You can also choose a different style in the JIDE Action Framework. In the current release, we include the Office 2003 style, Office 2007 style, Visual Studio .NET style, Office XP style, Eclipse style, and even the Aqua style on Mac OS X. The default Metal style is in there too.


Dockable Command Bar Features

  • Drag-n-drop support
  • Shrinkable command bar
  • Docking command bar at any side of the main window
  • Floating command bar
  • Show/hide each command bar on the fly
  • Command bars at any child level panel

Supported Components on the Command Bar

  • JideButton - regular button
  • JideSplitButton - combination of button and popup menu
  • JideColorSplitButton - color chooser for toolbar
  • JideMenu - submenu on toolbar
  • Comboboxes

Look and Feel Style Features

  • Office 2007 style
  • Office 2003 style
  • Visual Studio .NET style
  • Eclipse style
  • Metal style
  • Aqua style

Persistence Layout Features

  • Load and save layout using javax pref package
  • Load and save layout using file
  • Load and save layout using InputStream
  • List available layouts
  • Instantly switch layout
  • Single layout file for both action framework and docking framework

Windows LookAndFeel
(Office 2007 style)

Windows LookAndFeel
(Office 2003 style, Blue theme)

Windows LookAndFeel
(Office 2003 style, HomeStead theme)

Office 2003 LookAndFeel
(Office 2003 style, Metallic theme)

Windows LookAndFeel
(VS.NET style)

Widows LookAndFeel
(Eclipse style)

Metal LookAndFeel

Color Split Button

Floating Command Bars

Command Bar Chevron

Vertical Command Bar

Context Menu