A few suggestions for the Vista Icon set

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A few suggestions for the Vista Icon set

Postby sgr » Thu May 07, 2009 3:01 am

Hello. Following our e-mail discussion a while ago and since we now have a forum for the icons,
I would like to know if there are any updates for the Vista Icon set, and if so when should we expect a release?

To save you from going back to old e-mails here's a snapshot (a bit re-formatted and to the point)
sgr wrote:Hello,

UI design issues related to the Vista Icon Set.

1) It seems to us that having a red color for the Info layer icon might confuse the user. In all icon sets that we came across
(even the default icons used by java) the information icon is usually colored in such a way to not alert the user
(blue, green and white are the most common combinations) but simply display some useful info that is not critical to read.
Hence, in our opinion, a user might easily get confused as he/she is used to see red as an alert/error.
Problem enhances when these icons are used for a console output, where there are many info icons one under the other
and/ or mixed with error icons which are also red. Please see the attached screenshots in order to get a feel of what I mean.
Of-course this is a simple discussion or an RFE if you wish. We do not really expect for you to change the icon set
since we can use other icons as well, although it would be nice .
2) The idea of using Overlays and providing code for dynamically creating new icons on the fly is excellent for us developers
and provides very good results too. Based on that feature we would like to see more icons as Overlays.
Example icons would be:
Hardware-Clock e.g can be used with calendar to create a date/time icon to also use as the buttonof DateComboBox, can be used with several other icons indicating history
Some of the Movement icons and in particular MoveUp,MoveDown, MoveLeft, MoveRight
Other icons that could be used as overlays:the magnifying glass seen on the File-PrintPreview and Help-Index, thebinoculars used on the Search icons, the floppy disk used on the saveicons.
An attach and a certificate overlay would also be nice to have
3) Don't get me wrong, but based on the overall excellent quality of the Icon set there are some icons that don't look that good,
mainly in the 16x16 size. These are the File-Save and Software-Calendar icons.
4) More edit/view tree + tableicons, such as the ones defined in the Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository
5) A tip of the day icon

Thanks once more for your time. BTW excellent job done with the Icon Sets and the supporting Java Code
which made our lives truly mucheasier than ever before.

Thanks a lot for your time.
Spiros Rossopoulos

JIDE Support wrote:1) I think I agree with your suggestion. We will have it fix for the next release of the icon sets. Thanks for ther suggestion.
2) Overlay icons are not limited to those under overlay categories. You can use any icon as overlay icon and use IconFactory.getOverlayIcon to create a compound icon.
However I think we should enhance IconSetManager#getOverlayImageIcon to make it possible to use non-overlay category icons.
3) 16x16 icons are indeed very difficult to do. We are not satisfied either especially comparing with larger icons. We will see what we can do to improve them in future releases.
4) I will look at that repository and see if we can leverage some ideas
5) A light bulb should be good enough

Please feel free to send us the suggestions. We really appreciate it as it will help us improving the icon set.
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Re: A few suggestions for the Vista Icon set

Postby JIDE Support » Tue Nov 03, 2009 7:37 pm

We just did a new release of the icons which should cover most of the suggestions below.

JIDE Software Technical Support Team
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Re: A few suggestions for the Vista Icon set

Postby mariashawn » Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:17 pm

Do you refer to Office 2003 or VSNET etc. style? If so, can you check if Office2007 style is better? :roll:
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